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Cnn bitcoin trader


Jim Allaire atsakė · 1 atsakymas Joyce Bolton This Game Stop scam should be a warning to anyone thinking they can invest in individual stocks and make a huge profit.

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I followed the markets closely and saw how a company cnn bitcoin trader as it was increasing in value was all a scam. The primary investors bought up stock, pushed up the price.

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After day traders bought into it, the primary invests sold and the value dropped stiffing the little guys. Working with elite hedge funds to insure they profit and the public loses!!!!

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Evil and immoral!! When a hedge fund works with another too short a company.

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A lot of those companies have to fire more employees or close up shop. Not to mention they are scamming and robbing the general trader.

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They want more money in the pocket of 1 elite than for others to share it. Pranešti Ryan Kärgel It isn't the servers they should be concerned about.

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It's the SEC. Collusion to manipulate stock prices is a crime, and the SEC is all over this. Pranešti Dawn Gagnon Wow people, there sure are a lot of unfounded assumptions and conspiracy theories flying around here.

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Can we just try, for once, to deal in actual facts instead of sensational rhetoric? Just the facts.

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Pranešti CJ Jorgenson Hmmm No big tech censorship going on at all.