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Almantas Šiaurys, State Research Institute Centre for Innovative Medicine Dalyko anotacija lietuvių kalba Imunotechnologijos objektas, metodologijos principai, praktinio taikymo reikšmė.

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Klasikinės ir pažangios technologijos. Imunocheminių ir imunotechnologinių metodų taikymas mokslinių tyrimų laboratorijose biotechnologinės, biofarmacinės pramonės įmonėse, medicininėse diagnostinėse laboratorijose.

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Dalyko anotacija užsienio kalba Object of immunotechnology, principles of methodology, significance of practical application. Classic and advanced technologies. Application of imunotechnological and immunochemical methods in research laboratories in biotechnology, biopharmaceutical industry, medical diagnostic laboratories.

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Object of immunotechnology, technological and practical implications of immunology. Immunoglobulins: types, structure and functions.

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Production and secretion of immunoglobulins. Basics of immunochemical interactions between antibodies and antigens. Affinity and avidity of antibodies.

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Production of polyclonal antibodies. Preparation of antigen, immunization, adjuvants, experimental animals. Determination of antibody titer and specificity.

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Alternative sources of polyclonal antibodies. Purification of polyclonal antibodies. Production of monoclonal antibodies, hybridoma technology, biological models, bioreactors.

Pirkti naudojant bitcoin antibody purification. Chromatographic methods. Genes of immunoglobulins.

Recombinant antibodies development technologies. Bispecific, bifunctional antibodies.

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The antibody library construction and screening. Phage display.

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Therapeutic antibodies, human monoclonal antibodies. Immunochemical methods: agglutination, btc į pp, immunodiffusion, immunoelectrophoresis. Radioimmunoassay RIA for antibody and antigen detection, principles and modifications of method. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay ELISA for antibody and antigen detection, principles and modifications of method.

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Antibody array chip technology. Western blot protein immunoblot.


Dot blot. Immunosorbent assay for cell research. Light, fluorescence and electron microscopy. Application in immunochemical methods.

Surface plasmon resonance.

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Flow cytometry. Method principles, features and application areas.

Cell surface and intracellular antigens determination, cell functional characteristics, proliferation, apoptosis, phagocytosis, transfection effectiveness investigation, DNA detection and other methods. Application of flow cytometry for soluble analytes determination. Flow cytometry modifications. Detecting, isolation and fractionating immunocompetent cells. Stimulation of lymphocyte proliferation.

Lymphocytes specificity and function determination. Immunity research in vivo. Immunodiagnostics in medical laboratories. Serological HLA typing.

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Immunosensors - principles and applications to clinical chemistry. Vaccines: types, principles of action. Immunocompetent cells dendritic cell etc. Cytokines as biopharmaceuticals.

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Generic cytokines. Application of cytokines.

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Dalyko studijos valandomis Lectures — 45 hours, Laboratory Work — 15 hours, Individual Work — 90 hours, Assessments — 10 hours.

Total: hours.

Literatūra 1. Tamošiūnas, I. Pumputienė, R. Imunologijos ir imunotechnologijos btc į pp.

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ISBN e-copy 2. Cellular and Molecular Immunology. Elsevier, W B Saunders Co 3.


Janeway's immunobiology. Kuby Immunology. Online ISBN: 3. Gosling, A. ISBN 4.