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    Namai Technologijų In general, a ound refer to a vibration that i picked up by the human ear.

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    A a ound i generated, it i bla ted in wave that vibrate in a frequency mea ured in hertz Hz. In the picture below i two oun Turinys Related pages In general, a sound refers to a vibration that is picked up by the human ear. As a sound is generated, it is blasted in waves that vibrate in a frequency measured in hertz Hz.

    In the picture below is two sound waves, the lower tone longer wave on the left and the higher tone shorter wave on the right.

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    For example, a very low deep base sound could be 30 Hz and a high or an upper treble sound could be 2. The average human can hear between 15 Hz to 20 kHz. Computers generate bas btc using a sound card that is either connected to headphones or speakers to output the sound.

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    How to change, disable, or enable Windows event sounds. How to create a link to play a sound file in HTML. Bitcoin picture card help and support.

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